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something affordable in a toilet cleaner

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something affordable in a toilet cleaner

Postprzez Arias985 » 12 kwi 2018, o 13:24 ·

"Consumers generally want something affordable in a toilet cleaner, that smells like it is working," states David Briscoe, marketing analyst in McBride. Perhaps unsurprisingly for an own label manufacturer, he considers cost and odor are the key drivers in this industry and, although he's probably right, suppliers have been able to grow bleaches and toilet cleaner sales by 3.8% to 238m [pounds sterling] in the past year, according to TNS.

Barry Carter, group director at Musgrave Budgens Londis, says that given the character of this item, consumers are not too inclined to flush a lot of money down the toilet, a factor which has discouraged many companies from making substantial improvements in the category.

"There hasn't been much innovation in toiletcare--it's a utility product," he states. "It's tucked away beneath the sink and customers see it as a tool that is literally just flushed away."

Unilever, nevertheless, still sees mileage in developing better products for the bathroom. Following a quiet 2005 because of the Domestos brand, the company started the year with a brand new, more potent product, Domestos 5x. It expects it can increase consumer expectations with Domestos 5x-- which it claims attacks germs for five times longer than other bleach or toilet cleaners--and believes customers will pay for a superior product.

Unilever is not in development in the category. Jeyes has just started no Spill Parozone following study that revealed that customers' biggest worry when it came to using bleach was safety, especially for people who have children.The brand new product has been fitted with a special safety valve that will help prevent leaks and spillage when the top is left off or when the bottle is accidentally knocked over. Says marketing director Jayne Hazelwood: "It is important for us to add value in bleach and this gives the first big innovation in the industry for quite a while."

The high value toilet block industry is one of the main contributors to this category--set to reach an estimated 83m [pound sterling] in retail sales in 2005, a rise of 5% since 2003, according to Mintel. Incistern and rim blocks with ingredients like bleach and bicarbonate of soda have additional interest.

Jeyes launched Bloo 2-in-1 rims and limescale cubes, while Reckitt Benckiser's Harpic Ready Brush additionally attracted consumers. Although penetration builds slowly for such products, loyalty value in terms of repeat purchases of cleaning fluids and disposable pads and wipes is possibly a powerful value driver for both manufacturers and retailers, says Mintel.

Jeyes' Hazelwood states that the fascination with disposable goods is continuing to push the category and states over the next year there will be a rise in the disposable marketplace and specifically among wipes like Parozone bathroom wipes and SC Johnson's Toilet Duck Fresh Brush, which blazed a trail in disposable products as it premiered in 2004.

Morrisons senior purchaser for toilet care Fergus Dodds claims that the current key category drivers are freshness and fragrance. He adds: "2006 will see the further development of both of these areas including the introduction of a rim block with air freshener."
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